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On behalf of the committee, it is more convenient for overseas Chinese and overseas students to "go home".

Editor:晋中外侨办         2018-03-21 12:45:37

Beijing, March 10 (xinhua) -- the entry and exit of overseas Chinese in China has been a hot topic among overseas Chinese. During the NPC and CPPCC sessions in 2018, many deputies suggested that joint efforts should be made to make it easier for overseas Chinese and overseas students to "go home".

Data figure: on June 16, 2017, in the public security bureau of exit and entry administration of Beijing zhongguancun foreigners service hall, a foreigner to show the 2017 foreigners permanent residence id card (right) and the difference between the old version. On that day, the 2017 edition of the permanent resident identity card was officially opened. Xinhua reporter ju huanzong photo source: xinhuanet.

Key words: Chinese residence visa.

China's "green card" is short for "foreigner's permanent residence permit". It has been issued since 2004, with more than 7,000 issued in the first 10 years. As of 2016, the number of Chinese "green card" recipients has exceeded 10,000.

"In recent years, despite the acceleration and speed, the pace is still slow and the threshold remains high." Deputy to the National People's Congress, south China university of science and technology, enron, a professor in the school of international education that should make contributions to China's development as the premise, intensify efforts to approve overseas outstanding Chinese permanent residence in China, so as to attract more Chinese high-end talent, make they are interested in, willing, peace of mind to work in China.

Chen yi ni, a member of the national committee of the Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC) and vice chairman of the guangdong provincial committee, found that overseas talents are being solicited and imported, but the process of applying for a work visa for migrant workers still needs to be optimized. For example, approved by the local government or enterprises interview, agreed to deal with overseas talent who come to work, need many times to travel long distances to and from its living in signed notarized and work between countries and China, program trival, takes longer.

She suggested that, according to international practice, the two procedures should be optimized for the certification of documents and work, to improve the efficiency of the work, and to promote the personnel system and international integration.

Key words: overseas Chinese identity document.

The CPPCC national committee, overseas Chinese university President xi-peng xu said, "with the growing communication between overseas Chinese and domestic contact, optimization of overseas Chinese identity management, not only conforms to the international trend, but also to local governments self-restraint of overseas resources."

He pointed out that some overseas Chinese hold a Chinese passport, but no household registration and identity CARDS at home, when handling the transaction passport alone will not be accepted, often held by the passport used by self-service equipment identification, not easily also give them life, work and study at home to bring so much inconvenience.

Xu suggested that, on the one hand, the pilot reform should be carried out to study individual documents that could be used to facilitate the use of resident identity CARDS. On the other hand, it may be considered that the public security department should establish an information database of overseas Chinese residents' identity CARDS and try to try out the annual examination system of overseas Chinese residents' identity CARDS.

Vice chairman of the CPPCC national committee, the China federation of Zhu Yilong tells a reporter, overseas Chinese settled back account, due to the inconsistent information than can't legally registered permanent residence and id card in domestic phenomenon still exists.

Zhu Yilong recommendations, the government census register department lead contact entry and exit management, civil affairs, overseas Chinese and overseas agencies to establish audit consultation mechanism, complicated information inconsistent problems overseas, to enforce their rights to restore account, to adapt to the overseas Chinese gradually increase the number of the new situation.

Data map: on August 9, 2017, 46 haigui doctors participated in the first phase of "yanzhao guang-haigui doctor's grassroots innovation and entrepreneurship" in hebei province, which helped the economic rise of hebei province. The picture shows the attendees. China news agency reporter han bing.

Key words: returnees are located.

The CPPCC national committee, director of the Beijing university of science and technology information and electronic department Wang Chong day think that job in Beijing, in index returned people nervous, long, various materials needed to review cycle, is not conducive to introduce overseas personnel work.

He suggested that the process should be optimized rationally, shorten the audit cycle of indicators effectively, and facilitate the return of overseas students to the post as soon as possible. At the same time, we should simplify the application materials, build an information-based office platform, implement the online declaration system, reduce employment, settle down procedures, and improve efficiency.

Yu-yu yuan, head of the National People's Congress, a guangzhou science and technology company, to have a certain foundation and future development direction clear sea turtles creative entrepreneurial leaders, to focus on support, cultivating, providing personalized service policy. (after)