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The leader of the provincial overseas Chinese federation visited the family of overseas Chinese in fenyang city.

Editor:晋中外侨办         2018-03-21 12:52:39

On February 7, beautiful spring scenery, provincial federation vice-chairman Ma Jinbiao, deputy inspector, the secretary-general Chen lei, travels municipal committee, vice mayor JinXueJiang with luliang city, travels overseas staff visit visiting the returned overseas Chinese travels the city life difficult, on the New Year blessings and consolation money for them.

The vice chairman of ma jinbiao has visited the Mongolian returned overseas Chinese li hailian, the family members hao chun, jin hongmei and Hong Kong compatriots gao changbang. Each to a home, a cordial conversation with them, carefully inquired about their life, physical condition, working and living conditions of overseas relatives, listen to their opinions on overseas work Suggestions and demands of life. We thank the party and the government for their importance and concern. Mongolia returned overseas Chinese hai-lian li said excitedly, the party and the government to help her solve the problem of the housing difficulties, their children to school to give financial aid, her body is bad also to give relief, she thank you very much for the party and the government, firmly support the leadership of the party, love the motherland and hometown.