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"2017 overseas chizi service shanxi transition comprehensive reform" activity is officially launched.

Editor:晋中外侨办         2018-03-21 12:53:34

On October 19, professional and technical personnel from people club department management, alliance of Chinese students studying abroad to return service support, guidance, federation of returned overseas Chinese in Shanxi Province and Shanxi Province human resources and social security hall hosted the "2017 overseas champ service transformation of shanxi zong change" activities officially started in taiyuan in Shanxi Province. Launching ceremony by the provincial people club hall of edge less presided over first, provincial federation of party secretary Wang Weiqing, people club department deputy director general of professional and technical personnel management quan-zhi zhang, deputy commissioner of province people club hall website sourced wang jianwen attend the launching ceremony and delivered a speech, provincial federation vice-chairman Fan Anlong attend the activity. From the United States, Australia, Japan, Britain and other countries of 43 high-level overseas talents and more than 30 enterprises in Shanxi Province project director attended the launching ceremony, keynote, project roadshow, communication and other activities.

In his speech, wang weiqing pointed out that it is an important work of the organization of overseas Chinese to help the overseas talents of overseas talents to innovate and start their own business. In recent years, overseas positive response in shanxi provincial party committee, the provincial government "jin jin just returned entrepreneurial innovation", through the implementation of "jin qiao · golden bridge" action, promoting the construction of jean marc perrigon, innovative entrepreneurial xinqiao "demonstration base", forming a jean marc perrigon, innovative entrepreneurial xinqiao "alliance", set up "returnees from overseas study innovation entrepreneurship institute in Shanxi Province", "overseas communities' (Chinese) collection and cooperation intention in shanxi" and other activities, to promote a batch of high-level overseas talents and high-tech project success in our province, for the service innovation driven development in shanxi, made positive contributions to the economic transformation and upgrading of services. In the future, shanxi federation will continue to create conditions for the development of high-level overseas talents in shanxi, provide convenience, good services, efforts to seek development cooperation for scientific research units and enterprises in the province to build platform.

After the launching ceremony, 43 high-level overseas talents in taiyuan, luliang, jinzhong, datong, yangquan city, with the local enterprises in the field to carry out academic exchanges, project promotion and communication activities.