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The returnees' "and the state's sword" help their hometown to transform and develop.

Editor:晋中外侨办         2018-03-21 12:55:39

On October 15, by the provincial federation, province people club hall, jointly organized by Chinese students studying abroad to return service alliance, returnees from overseas study innovation entrepreneurship institute, Shanxi Province, Shanxi Province overseas talent service center to undertake the third sea turtles double gen BBS held in taiyuan clear control innovation base.

BBS guest at tsinghua university and the university of California, Berkeley, double postdoctoral, "the fourth wave of entrepreneurship" author LinLei made titled "sea and need" entrepreneurship "thinking" of the keynote speech, surrounding power sea turtles, turtles innovative undertaking skill advantage analysis, shanxi returnees entrepreneurial development situation, the government how to better service returnees entrepreneurial groups, 90 after returning the content such as how to innovate for the majority of returnees had a brilliant entrepreneurs entrepreneurship tutorial.

In high-level talks, China putian information industry co., LTD., President of strategic investment and financing management department general manager assistant of chang, element in fashion co., LTD. Deputy general manager and chief financial officer director peng zhengchang, jia fu cheng asset management co., LTD., chairman of Zheng Jinqiao, huaxing capital investment banking division, executive director of the authority, zheng hesheng in capital management co., LTD., director, deputy general manager li-hui wang five guests for the entrepreneurs and investors the most concern of the industry are discussed, and read the latest trend, find returnees entrepreneurial new direction in the field of venture capital and the opportunity, for overseas entrepreneurs to bring new thinking ability and action.

The innovation and entrepreneurship association of Shanxi Province has also hired 14 experts, such as Lin lei, to invest in the association.

The tree - Internet + hearing health "ears" project ", "nectar B2C flat rate flowers home delivery" "sea turtles entrepreneurs to rent special support fund" three projects as excellent returnees in shanxi youth entrepreneurship project invest roadshow, reviews and take investment, release of investment opportunities.

Event is artful, climax, in strong innovative entrepreneurial atmosphere, sea turtles young entrepreneurs with relevant departments of the leadership and deep communication experts and scholars, everybody to exchange experiences with each other, sharing resources, continuously produce the thought collision and the sparks of wisdom. Activity ends with a strong innovative entrepreneurial atmosphere, people have said through this activity further stimulated the shanxi returnees young innovative entrepreneurial boom, is willing to play their respective advantages, service transformation development in shanxi.