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More than 100 overseas Chinese people gathered in longcheng to promote the transformation and development of shanxi.

Editor:晋中外侨办         2018-03-21 12:56:47

In order to further implement the general secretary of xi inspection the implementation opinion important speech spirit and shanxi provincial party committee, boost "jin jin just returned entrepreneurial innovation project", to attract more attention to overseas Chinese hometown, attention to shanxi, in Shanxi Province federation of the 60th anniversary of the September 21, sponsored by the China federation, federation of Shanxi Province to undertake the "overseas Chinese hometown - jin jin overseas to promote the development of shanxi conference" held in taiyuan. He tiancai, vice governor of Shanxi Province people's government has delivered a speech on behalf of the provincial party committee and government, vice chairman of the Chinese overseas Kang Xiaoping attend activities and speech, xin-wen jiang, vice President of Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC) in Shanxi Province and provincial, head of the relevant units to attend the meeting. From the United States, Canada and other 30 countries and regions overseas Chinese leader QiaoShang, experts and scholars who are concerned with the development of shanxi and director of China overseas Chinese council for the promotion of international cultural exchange overseas more than 180 people gathered in taiyuan, shanxi transformation development proiect.

He welcomed the arrival of overseas Chinese and thanked the Chinese federation for its long-term care and support for shanxi. He briefed the guests on the situation of Shanxi Province, and highlighted the business environment and investment and financing policies of our province. , he said the new adjustment of shanxi, shanxi provincial party committee and government, the development of strategic objectives and train of thought, implement the strategy of innovation drive, the transformation and upgrading, in promoting the traditional industry to upgrade quality at the same time, adjust more public resources development the new kinetic energy new industry. Around the provincial party committee and government, the deepening transformation of heddle change, USES reform innovation combination, the development zone construction, investment promotion and capital introduction system mechanism, "card" reform, green channel of examination and approval, the province's investment promotion and capital introduction project electronic supervisory system, service enterprise long-term working mechanism, and other key aspects, efforts to build the best business environment. He hopes that the overseas guests will take the opportunity to conduct friendly exchanges and cooperation at a higher starting point, wider field and deeper level, and make new and greater contributions to the economic and social development of shanxi.

Kang Xiaoping, points out in his speech, vice President of shanxi enduring strength is trying to achieve economic development, build a new high inland opening to the outside world, a series of policy measures to optimize the investment environment, for the overseas Chinese enterprise development has provided the broad space for development and stage. Hope that the broad masses of overseas Chinese nationals can seize the inspection time in shanxi, walk more, see more, observe attentively, changes in economic and social development of the personal feeling of shanxi, shanxi long and splendid history and culture, play to unicom's unique advantages both at home and abroad, speak good story of Shanxi Province, for the world to understand shanxi, also let shanxi towards the world, at the same time looking for their own development in the reform and development in shanxi cooperation opportunities. China is willing to join hands with overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese to make new and greater contributions to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Wang Weiqing secretary said in concluding remarks, overseas seriously implement the central committee of Shanxi Province "two development" policy, actively response to the 11th party congress of province "jin jin just returned entrepreneurial innovation", has launched the "jin qiao, golden bridge" "jin jin just returned entrepreneurial innovation" "LianQiao together overseas Chinese" "warm qiao HuiQiao" and "ability to promote" five big project, by the broad masses of overseas Chinese and jin jin to wide attention and positive response. She sincerely hopes that overseas Chinese will join hands to improve the family ties, realize their own career development and promote the development of their hometown for win-win results.

In guest interviews, President of Chinese chamber of commerce cjay, UK Chinese tourism association Chen Tongdu, jin merchants alliance President of the Canadian chamber of commerce, xiang-dong zhao, Canada Chinese entrepreneurs YanZeHong, Cambodia, chairman of Shanxi Province chamber of commerce Wen Bo, Russia chamber of commerce in shanxi Qiao Xiangpeng etc six Chinese leader from their respective fields, living in the present situation of the country or region, such as communication function they participate in the development work carried out by the construction of Shanxi Province, put forward many constructive comments and Suggestions. Xi jinping, they say, the general secretary praised as he visited the shanxi "honest and trustworthy, pioneering spirit, works together, pragmatic management, studying people" spirit of jin merchants, significantly boost the overseas business, having the heart is the native place, to give back to hometown feelings. Provincial party committee, provincial government implement jin jin since returning to entrepreneurial innovation project, introduced many real-life preferential policies, to build new business relationships, and create a good environment for business laid a foundation. Comprehensively promote transformation in the current shanxi zong change situation, for the overseas Chinese enterprise development has provided a broad development space and opportunities for development, we should play their own advantages, looking for more cooperation opportunities, docking needed for the development of new projects in shanxi new industry, at the same time in the service of shanxi realize self-development, hit a jin merchants glory.

Hungarian Chinese women union Lin Shengqin, Slovakia Chinese youth association chairman of chamber of commerce Zhou Yanjun, Laos Yao Yong, vice chairman of China general chamber of commerce, we are in Australia, general manager of the international media group, China GuiRong, Austria, the President of the China council for the promotion of peaceful reunification Yao Longwei five director of China overseas Chinese international cultural exchange association for the advancement of overseas cultural exchanges, media and tourism industry at home and abroad, talent introduction, etc for the wonderful speech. Shanxi cultural resources advantage, they say, is outstanding, represented by the duke guan culture of shanxi culture symbol has been widely used both at home and abroad, the duke guan culture is in Shanxi Province and the overseas exchange a name card, is willing to try their best to, for overseas with shanxi cultural exchanges and other undertakings.

During the interview, there was a lot of climax and applause. Some people wrote poems on the scene and expressed their love for shanxi. Some people sang the shanxi folk songs, and reminded the overseas Chinese of their homesickness. In the atmosphere of deep homesickness, the general assembly has successfully concluded its lofty sentiments in the service of the transformation and development of shanxi.

The successful holding of "overseas overseas Chinese, jin CAI, shanxi development conference", marked the official opening of the "visit to Shanxi Province of overseas Chinese in 2017". Overseas Chinese hometown "line" is the Chinese federation of carry out the reform of overseas work of the important instructions, the implementation of the "two development" policy, to keep closer contact overseas organizations and overseas Chinese nationals, more widely at home and abroad together overseas Chinese for "two" one hundred goals and achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation make greater contributions to the Chinese dream held across the country an important activity. Through activities, overseas Chinese can feel the development and change of their hometown, feel the baptism of Chinese culture, and inspire the feelings of overseas Chinese to love their hometown and serve the motherland.

Before the meeting, vice governor jiang xinwen and vice President jiang xinwen met with vice chairman kang xiaoping of the Chinese people's federation.

Overseas guests during the activity, will also attend in yuncheng "affection, the dream silk road" - the duke guan culture activities related to the project of "going out" and 28 session of the duke guan culture and tourism festival activities, and overseas Chinese international cultural exchange base in China.