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The American jin merchants association came to the jin to investigate the joint symposium held in taiyuan.

Editor:晋中外侨办         2018-03-21 12:57:40

On June 13 morning, sponsored by the provincial federation, the provincial federation of industry and business always assisted us to visit the jin joint symposium held in taiyuan, the provincial federation of party secretary Wang Weiqing hosting conferences, Zhang Yunze deputy secretary of provincial party committee united front work department, provincial federation of industry and commerce, vice chairman of Liang Rong, province via letter Lu Qiusheng, deputy director of the committee province ccpit deputy telephoto wison, province to promote innings, deputy director of Wu Liang, provincial vice chairman of the federation Fan Anlong, secretary-general Chen lei, fujian association of foreign languages and overseas, the province by the letter made unit such as committee, the provincial federation of industry and commerce, provincial department of related department head and part of the long distance in our province chamber of commerce to participate in the discussion.

Provincial federation of party secretary Wang Weiqing in host address to jin dian macros, executive director of U.S. business delegation will always be a line back in jin jin extended a warm welcome to business innovation and development, business always has long been to the United States for the support and attention to express our heartfelt thanks to you for my hometown.

At the symposium, secretary wang weiqing introduced the good investment environment and the excellent innovation platform for entrepreneurship in our province, and introduced the implementation of "jinqiao golden bridge" in the province. She points out that in 2017, for the full implementation of the sixth plenary session of the eighteenth spirit and the spirit of the 11th party congress, in our province overseas organizations into full play the unique advantages, further condensed my best, and overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese intellectual, play to attract more overseas Chinese, jin jin to attention, development of shanxi, shanxi, boost social transformation and economic development in our province, Shanxi Province federation launched "jin qiao · golden bridge" action. Action, by the broad masses of overseas Chinese and jin jin to wide attention and response, the business will always attempt to return to the project docking, fully embodies the jin business in the United States with the feelings of the world, home to the heart and provincial federation will continue to create a good environment for business returned overseas business innovation. Aimed at promoting the joint symposium held, the latter will always cooperate with relevant departments of the communication in our province, attract more innovative elements and excellent talents to gather in our province, give full play to their support for the role of economic transformation and upgrading and innovation and development in our province, to promote our province to expand open foreign exchange, mutual help "reshaping shanxi good image, realize the revitalization of the rise of" shanxi.

Jin dian macro executive director on behalf of the delegation a row over the provincial federation of thank you for your considerate arrangements, to the United States and the latter basic situation, to jin investment project content, and the third session of the international traders and introduced the relevant information of a BBS. He hoped that through "go out, please come in" mutual exchange, help the Chinese and American jin merchants understand each other, jointly build the jin business benign development ecology. At the same time, the invitation to the relevant departments in our province and entrepreneurs, attended this year in New York on September 30, with "bridge of win-win" as the theme of the third session of the international business BBS series of activities.

In project docking link, the delegation respectively to introduce more than 10 projects, made relevant department is responsible for the comrades to attend the meeting for our province to promote innovation-driven transformation and upgrading, investment, to attract and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and so on exchanging and introduces the policy, and the current implementation of the "six big projects" in our province and redressed build distinct characteristics of supporting multiple, reasonable layout, the chain of high-end modern industry system situation in detail. In the exchange, we have conducted in-depth exchanges and cooperation on economic and trade investment, new technology introduction, new materials and intelligent transportation, and reached consensus.

The jin merchants association was established in 2015 registered a non-political, non-religious and non-profit chamber of commerce, to promote the us-based traders, especially related to the shanxi merchants in culture, art, charity, education, business and commercial tutoring aspects of well-being and career. At present, we have established six business clubs in Washington, Dallas and Boston.