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"Struggle" became the strongest voice of shanxi delegation.

Editor:晋中外侨办         2018-03-21 12:34:04

A good life depends on you one step at a time, step by step.

The good life can only be realized in the struggle, the bright future can only be in the struggle. As xi jinping has pointed out, "happiness does not come from the sky, and dreams do not come true." "struggle is a kind of happiness in itself. Only a life of struggle can be called a happy life. These powerful words have aroused strong repercussion among representatives of shanxi delegation. Development are showing strong momentum in recent years, the shanxi transformation, political ecology to realize the overall wind qing is gas, the major turning point and huge changes, new era is the province and firmly implement the jinping the Chinese characteristic socialism, continue to struggle, overcome, difficult to achieve. Have experiences ShanXiTuan representative said, xi jinping, general secretary of the words in heart, to pursue their dreams in the struggle, the struggle the appreciate happiness, let the life pursuit and home countries feelings TongPinGongZhen, together, sharing happiness and jointly build a better life.

"President xi jinping said, 'the new era is the time of the strivers', and we have spoken our hearts. The Chinese people are strong and happy, and they are struggling." The deputy secretary of the communist party branch of xigou village, pingshun county, 89 years old, is more aware of the importance of striving for a better life than anyone else. "This is a new era," said the representative. "we must stay firmly with the party central committee and resolutely follow the party's lead and strive for an early realization of the Chinese dream." Shen jiulan stands for the steadfast confidence and strong determination of the unchanging and unswerving spirit of the first time, and infects everyone in the delegation.

Good deeds are born to be frugal. The struggle is not easy, the good life is not from the sky. Wang liwei, deputy party secretary and mayor of luliang, said, "the struggle is arduous, the hardship is arduous, the jade is not hard, it is not the real struggle. Luliang city firmly implement the general secretary of the general secretary of the spirit, roll up the sleeves to work. Since 2016, the city's GDP, rules on industrial production, general public budget revenues and rules on industrial enterprise profit growth in the four major economic indicators from negative to positive, up to 2017 the province first. The people are very excited.

"High-end carbon fiber is an important raw material for the development of aerospace and aviation industry." Party secretary, chairman of taigang Gao Xiangming representative said, "from 2012 to 2012, according to the 'production, with four the integration of collaborative innovation model, we have built two carbon fiber production lines, product quality has reached the international first-class level, guarantee the key clients, major projects demand for carbon fiber. The two production lines have full independent intellectual property rights. The representative of gao xiangming said that shanxi is in the stage of transformation and development, and the taisteel people are responsible and confident that they will strive to be the leading force in the transformation and development of the province.

The communist party is for the people to be happy, the people are not happy, unhappy, unsatisfied, our party in what aspect of the effort, do everything possible to solve the problem for the masses. Datong city public transport co., LTD. Three branch driver Feng Bing representative said: "I drive buses have replaced new energy bus, in the spacious walk on the road every day, our environment, air and well, people are comfortable in our car, everyone can feel the life is a kind of happiness." Taiyuan municipal public facilities management office second road drainage channel maintenance management team leader run-mei wang said: "now the park built more and more, more and more common people leisure place after work, really improve the quality of life of the people."

"In the last two years, shanxi has vigorously promoted industrial transformation and upgrading. In Beijing, I can feel the passion and motivation of the transformation from shanxi." The sixth China filmmaker association, vice President, provincial vice chairman of youth, pingyao film co., LTD., chairman jia said, "I'm planning held in shanxi pingyao title last year, dealing with all aspects of shanxi, feel the province energy, overcome difficult, whether what area, including some specific issues, as we meet in the institutional innovation are dare to dare to try."

Struggle itself is a kind of happiness. Second lin-hua Yang, director of the onset of shanxi medical university, said: "happiness is a struggle, striver is the most rich people, spirit is the most happiness, enjoy happiness. From the medical and health reform in our province, the county and township integration reform has been at the forefront of the whole country, and the whole has provided a very good method for our hierarchical diagnosis and treatment. Medical staff should work harder to ensure their health and happiness. Zhu xiaodong, deputy secretary of xinzhou municipal party committee and secretary of the political and legal committee, said: "xinzhou last year realized the relocation of 132 villages in the whole village. This year we will work hard to achieve the relocation of 432 villages. 2017 we'll fight to win crucial to achieve the poverty, like xi jinping, general secretary said that happiness is a struggle, we will firmly shoulder responsibility and unremitting struggle, let the common people in poverty alleviation works really feel warm, feel the happiness."

Guo fenglian, the secretary of the party headquarters of the village, said: "how well the general secretary has said! "Happiness doesn't come from the sky. Dreams don't come true." happiness is a struggle. That's how the great village came along. In the new era, we will continue to reform and innovate, leading the people to continue to work for one year after another, and continue to work hard to build a new village.

The new age is the time of strivers, and the new age is the time to create a beautiful new life. The representative of shanxi delegation is passionate and energetic. They said that standing in the new era and new starting point, we must step down and work well, step by step, turn the blueprint into reality, and let the good life come soon.