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Institutional reform follows the new trend of China's development.

Editor:晋中外侨办         2018-03-21 12:35:55

For days, overseas sustained attention to China's institutional reform, public opinion is generally believed that the institution reform is very large, complied with the trend of the development of Chinese society and the requirements of the people, not only reflected the determination, the Chinese government has the ability to continue to lead the Chinese people continue to move forward, also the stable and reliable signal transmission to the outside world.

As the world's second largest economy, the decisions of China's two sessions will not only affect China itself, but also affect the world, according to the eu's EIAS think-tank, moghani. In today's rapidly changing international situation, China and Europe would like to see such a "steady" friends continue to deepen the communication and cooperation, continue to solve the problem of international and regional hotspot issues together play a proper role.

European public banking association, head of the propagation of a transaction, nastase season, said the institutional reform will enable the Chinese government to better control the direction of China's economic development, especially in the China banking regulatory commission and circ after the merger, the Chinese government will further strengthen the supervision and management of financial markets and financial institutions, on the system could effectively reduce the systemic financial risk, the "progressive" institutional reform mode not only is laudable, can also be within the scope of the international cause meaningful reflection and using for reference.

Moody's, the international rating agency, said the merger of the CBRC and the insurance regulatory commission would lead to a unified regulation that would reduce the regulatory arbitrage space, particularly in favour of controlling shadow banking. The move would help curb the channel business involving Banks and insurers, and the combined regulator is expected to take more effective measures to regulate these activities.

Reuters believes that as the main provider of financial market funds, Banks and insurance institutions exist more business, many Banks and insurance business merger regulation policies and the mechanism of communication convenient, will undoubtedly promote the effectiveness of the management of financial institutions. The establishment of the new institution is expected to have a comprehensive plan for the use of funds, which will play an important role in preventing financial systemic risks and supporting the real economy.

French international expert jean mike darney el argues that the institutional reform shows that China is developing into a new stage with the new journey, showed the Chinese government at all levels continue to promote reform in the new period of determination, will be to China by the high speed growth in high quality development lay a solid foundation. The adjustment of the Chinese government will further improve the establishment of the institutions, so that the government will play a more effective role in the future reform process and promote the full implementation of the concept of government development. The adjustment of relevant institutions makes the allocation of government departments more suitable to the new requirements of China's future development, which is conducive to creating a stable development environment and bringing stability to world development.

The French economy class newspaper les echos reported that on the adjustment of the relevant financial regulators embodies the Chinese attaches great importance to the future of financial regulation and governance, incorporating banking regulation and insurance industries, formed "the most effective and most powerful regulatory framework", this will prevent possible financial risks better, powerful blow appeared in the process of the financial industry booming grey area.

Austrian economics researcher Sebastian muller believes the merger of the CBRC and circ is a top priority in the reform of the state council. China's financial system has become one of the world's largest financial assets as its economic power and international influence grow. The merger of the CBRC and the insurance regulatory commission is an important step in the government's efforts to streamline administration, eliminate regulatory loopholes and curb financial risks. As the world's second largest economy, China's effective prevention and control of financial risks is of great significance to maintaining world financial stability.

Sungkyunkwan university Chinese college professor AnYuHua argues that institutional changes is the optimization and upgrading of China's central government function, is conducive to improve the efficiency of government work, is conducive to further promote reform and innovation in the future. Through this round of institutional adjustment, it can effectively eliminate overlapping functions between departments, further clarify the responsibilities of various agencies and facilitate the government to solve various problems quickly and directly. This time, the adjustment of the functional responsibility of the organization to the new era of the work requirements and the new era of the development trend.

Just left office from Beijing back to Jakarta, Indonesia's former ambassador to China, Sue says, over the years he has been focused on the two sessions and its role in the process of rule of law construction in China, this year two meetings held in the new era background at home and abroad is more significance.

Dai zhigang, vice President of Cambodia's Khmer daily and the Beijing bureau chief, said the reform was impressive. The establishment of China's international development cooperation agency (sida) is closely related to the third world countries including Cambodia, is expected to better straightening out relations, realize the unified management, make foreign aid more in place, the effect is better, better serve the Chinese characteristic power diplomacy and foreign. The reform is very large, complied with the trend of the development of Chinese society and common people's actual needs, in terms of mechanism system, has laid a good foundation for future comprehensive development, is a very good reform. (reporter Chen bo jiang huadong li hongtao huang haishun tian yuan bai yunfei zhang bao)