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In deepening the reform of the national supervision system, yong is the pioneer of the road

Editor:晋中外侨办         2018-03-21 12:37:30

After the party's 19th congress, the reform of the national supervision system has been transferred from the pilot to the whole country. How will shanxi, one of the pilot provinces, push forward the reform? The xinhua reporter interviewed the shanxi provincial party committee secretary luo huining.

Reporter: as a pilot province, how did shanxi promote reform, and what has been achieved?

Luo: insisting that supervisory system reform in shanxi as firmly establish a sense of "four" action, the strong leadership of the CPC central committee with comrade xi for the core, in the central we will deepen reform of the national supervisory system pilot work leading group and powerful guidance office, provincial comprehensive shoulder responsibility, provinces, cities and county level 3 secretary of the party committee when good captain "construction", according to the blueprint of the CPC central committee to determine fine organization construction. After transference form, establish a new system, assessment deepen the three stages, focus on promoting institutional integration and personnel, to strengthen the ji cohesion, method cohesion and realize the smooth and efficient operation, completed the reform aim of high quality, the system advantages are converted to the governance efficiency.

First, it has strengthened the party's unified leadership in combating corruption. From the organizational form, function orientation, the handling procedure implemented on from "the leadership" to "the whole process of leadership", to ensure the party decision-making, approval and supervision of anti-corruption work, promote the rule of law and in accordance with the organic unity of party rules. Second, centralized and unified, authoritative and efficient supervision system is established. The discipline inspection commission and the supervision and supervision commission, the party supervision and the state supervision of complementary, the authority and independence of the supervisory organs have been significantly enhanced. Monitoring procedures and judicial procedures are in order, and supervisory organs and judicial law enforcement agencies cooperate and restrict each other, so as to form effective operation mechanism of supervision power. Since the establishment of the three-level supervision committee of Shanxi Province, all 12 measures have been standardized and used, and the whole province has been transferred to the case, and the procuratorial organs are far less than the time limit stipulated by the law when they examine the arrest and prosecution. Third, it has realized the comprehensive coverage of public officials who exercise public power. After the reform, the supervision and supervision departments of the discipline inspection committee of the provincial party committee increased 18.74 percent, realizing the transformation from the supervision of "narrow government" to the supervision of "broad government". Fourth, we improved regional governance and governance. Reform strongly promote the comprehensive governing party and the further development of the anti-corruption struggle, the entire province endogenous motivation and profound changes have taken place in the external image, presents a mutually promote the party's construction and the party's undertaking in good situation.

Reporter: how will shanxi continue to deepen its exploration to better play the role of "experimental field"?

Luo: in shanxi, the preliminary result is just the first step, long march implemented pilot puts forward new requirements for us, must establish the problem oriented, continue to try first, constantly filling "short board", fill "holes", "wall" and the "problem", beginning to end such as high-value "experimental field", to explore to create valuable experience, better into the governance efficiency of the fruits of reform. We have introduced the implementation plan for further deepening the reform of the monitoring system in Shanxi Province, and made arrangements for the continuous deepening of the reform. Overall arrangement in September this year the central inversion period, comprehensive summary trial work of "three steps" : the first step to focus on development, focus on to provide practice for inspect and modify relevant laws further support; The second step is to focus on supervision by the supervision law, and focus on the standardization process and level of the discipline inspection and supervision work. The third step is to "look back" after the implementation of the supervision law, and focus on comprehensively analyzing and improving the quality.

We proposed emphatically in the unified leadership of the party of anti-corruption work, continue to pay special attention to the issues related to the exploration of practice, promote the enforcement cohesion and restricting the checks and balances in coordination with law enforcement, promote the supervisory organ comprehensive functions, responsibilities, improve the internal control mechanism, strengthen the self building, solve the problem of unbalanced development pilot reforms, informatization means to improve the efficiency of supervision, innovation exploration, pay attention to learn from eight aspects, such as do their "deepening" articles. At present, the work is progressing in an orderly way.

Reporter: how can shanxi further improve the institutionalization of party leadership in the reform?

Luo: strengthening the party normalized institutionalized long-term anti-corruption work the whole process of leadership, is the basic requirement of adhere to the party leadership for all work, is the objective demand of the push to seek both temporary and permanent anti-corruption struggle. On the basis of further research, we have formulated the implementation opinions. : we're going to xi jinping, the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, to implement the new era of party construction general requirements, put forward "three" as the important content of political construction, focus on sound in longitudinal and transverse to the edge on the body of the responsibility system, should strive to build a unified leadership, division of labor, responsibility, work pattern, increase the party organizations at all levels and the party member the leading cadre to fulfill party party responsibility of political consciousness and ability, the anti-corruption leadership firmly grasp in hand.

Provinces, cities and county level 3 establishment of anti-corruption leading group, group leader by the secretary of the party committee, under the leading group office and the international pursuit recover stolen money or goods office work, improve the party committees at all levels to comprehensive governing party every year for centralized and unified deployment, party committees at all levels, the standing committee and secretary of the party to build a clean government and anti-corruption workshops are not regular research work, party committees at all levels leadership team against corruption is not regular research anti-corruption work, party committees at all levels regularly listen to the standing committee of the party to build a clean government and combat corruption situation, the party committees of the standing committee to listen to people's congress at the same level government every year's procuratorate of the Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC) court and prison for disciplinary committee governing party report, the party chief at higher levels, the party committees make party committee for ShuLian, applies a system of anti-corruption special priority for the record, the anti-corruption work important report and approval system, implementing the party organization is to have a tour of political ecological quantitative qualitative assessment system, applies a system of anti-corruption situation survey and so on ten work mechanism. Party secretaries at all levels should take the responsibility for the whole process, ensure that the whole process is outstanding, and lead the whole process in a way that is always on the road, and strive to achieve the political and ecological sustainability of shanxi. (Chen zhonghua, zhenhai)