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"Huaxia ancient civilization · shanxi good scenery" shanxi tourism promotion walk into the astana world expo.

Editor:晋中外侨办         2018-03-21 12:38:40

On the 8th of July, the ancient Chinese civilization of Shanxi Province - shanxi tourism promotion agency will be held at the China pavilion of the astana world expo.

Local time on July 8, "huaxia civilization, shanxi good scenery" as the theme of shanxi tourism seminar held in kazakhstan in astana, the capital of world expo park pavilion, all-round display of shanxi eat, live, travel, tour, shopping, entertainment tourist resources, make foreign tourists know more about shanxi, shanxi. This is also one of the activities of the shanxi activities of the China pavilion in astana world expo in 2017.

At the event, the opening dance "red lantern" was lively and jubilant, attracting the attention of all the guests. Wang Lin, deputy director of the provincial tourism commission, made an overall recommendation on the ancient architectural and religious culture in shanxi, the hometown of jinshang culture, and the pilgrimage to the sacred site.

Shanxi tourism industry obtained rapid development in recent years, tourism more perfect foundation facilities, tourism is becoming more and more convenient transportation, shanxi from north to south, there are seven civil aviation airport, has launched a prudent 10 countries and regions of article 20 international routes, high-speed railway and highway network has covered in Shanxi Province. Pingyao international photography exhibition and pingyao in China, yuncheng the duke guan culture tourism festival, wutai mountain LvYouYue international culture and so on all has become the foreign visitors like tourist festival activities, attracting international friends to tourism in shanxi, shanxi has become a tourist destinations of tourists around the world love.

Wang said that in recent years, seeking the cultural tourism into a pillar industry in shanxi, the implementation of the strategy of "going out", actively expand the tourism market at home and abroad, the seminar in propaganda and rich tourism resources in shanxi, shanxi tourism international's image at the same time, also actively integrated into the "area" national strategy, strengthen and "neighbourhood" all the way along the national and regional tourism cooperation, promote the tourism industry in shanxi, rapid and healthy development of a practical action.

During the seminar, the unique characteristics of the shanxi opera performances "jin feng jin yun", "play dates" suona performance coal, paper cutting, shadow play, embroidery, carving, push the light lacquer, black pottery performance characteristics such as arts and crafts, as well as the intangible cultural heritage features and performance, let more people at home and abroad of shanxi have more understanding and awareness, shanxi's long history, profound culture and rich and colorful tourism resources also won the praise of all the guests present.

In addition, our provincial tourism enterprise and kazakhstan tourism industry leader COMPLETE SERVICE have conducted in-depth exchange and negotiation in the field of promotion, and reached the preliminary cooperation intention.