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Shanxi will bring 400 products to the astana expo.

Editor:晋中外侨办         2018-03-21 12:39:38

Reporters learned from provincial party committee propaganda department held a news conference today, July 7-11, our province will serve as a national key provinces, participation in kazakhstan astana with "the energy of the future" as the theme of the expo. At that time, shanxi delegation will bring more than 400 products.

Expo 2017 astana shanxi cycle to "future energy, green shanxi" as the theme, on July 7-9 in the China pavilion in the expo site, related activities will continue until July 11. Shanxi business-to-business meetings, our province will be organized to carry out the outstanding theme, target pragmatic, various forms, rich in content of series of activities such as exhibition, promote exchanges and cooperation, which mainly includes: the opening titles in shanxi, shanxi brand silk road line station (kazakhstan) project international cooperation promotion activities, shanxi advantage industry, new energy technologies, high visit activities, cultural exchanges, "huaxia civilization good scenery" shanxi shanxi tourism, etc.

Shanxi cycle will adhere to the "walk the silk road, mutual win-win" concept, through the government plays, act in an opera in enterprises, giving full play to the advantages of location, industry in shanxi, the use of mineral resources in the Middle East, helping enterprises in shanxi in kazakhstan and other central Asia investment in energy and mineral resources, create resources processing industry park, guide enterprises to establish overseas resources development and processing base, technology research and equipment manufacturing base and so on, along the encourage enterprises to participate in infrastructure construction, make full use of investment and trade agency along the economic organizations, business associations, overseas Chinese and jin jin resources, construct platform for cooperation, strive for in promoting shanxi enterprises to exploit market, Europe and Asia to promote the shanxi international capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation, joint construction of "area" substantive outcomes.

The world expo in astana in 2017 is a recognized world expo approved by the international exhibition bureau. It is also the first world expo hosted by the central Asian countries. So far, 118 countries and 20 international organizations have confirmed the exhibition, and more than five million people are expected to visit.