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was built on the top of the south harbour pavilion project in Malaysia.

Editor:晋中外侨办         2018-03-21 12:41:35

With the last concrete seal of the roof structure, with the cheers of different languages, it sounds like the same. On January 22, the second phase of the south harbor pavilion project, which was constructed by shanxi jianzhu as the general contractor, was capped in the new mountain city of Malaysia. It was invested by Malaysia's PPB group, the kwok brothers group and the Malaysian Treasury holding company.

South bay apartment project is located in johor Malaysia johor bahru Mr Dry dc princess bay, adjacent to Singapore, the project is divided into three period, for the first phase of the pile foundation engineering, the second phase of the two high-rise apartment buildings for T1, T2, the third period for T3 high-rise apartments, SOA, serviced apartments, a total construction area of 260000 square meters, with a total investment of about 800 million ringgit. During the construction process, the project department overcame the difficulties of shortage of skilled local skilled workers, uncoordinated resource allocation and high temperature and rainfall, and ensured the project progress, quality and safety standards.

Shanxi construction group chairman sun bo, south bay apartment project is not only the construction of Shanxi Province the first general contracting project in Malaysia, and the shanxi provincial enterprises in the countries along the "area" in the value of the biggest housing projects. Construction at present, shanxi is contact parts per group deeply with other construction projects, the parties will continue to deepen and Malaysia in investment, energy, construction, cultural exchanges and other aspects of cooperation, open up a new market overseas.