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The Hong Kong philanthropist visited the village of zhifu in jinzhong city.

Editor:晋中外侨办         2018-03-21 12:42:43

As a philanthropist, Mr. Wu and his wife always help as many difficult groups as possible. The aid-receiving students and borrow discussion, in-depth xihe village household will visit, communicate with poor, they say, after the return to Hong Kong to raise funds through a variety of forms, my hand is poor, make them into early out of poverty.

In the next step, the overseas Chinese association will also take advantage of its own advantages to gradually solve the problems of villagers' water shortage and medical and sanitation conditions, and will further expand the sales of the specialty agricultural products such as Tartary buckwheat.

Overseas party secretary on March 8, jinzhong city accompanied de-zeng li Hong Kong philanthropist HuaGe Wu Qiguang couple line of deep city federation of precise support heshun pine township kosi will ping village to enter a visit.

In accordance with the anti-poverty goals set in the municipal party committee, municipal government and deployment, the municipal federation of helping heshun township pine kosi ping village, the village a total of 61 households, 182 people, mostly elderly, 38 people over the age of 60, more than 70 - year - old accounted for 47%, the per capita arable land area of less than 2.5 acres, 24, poor living conditions. Due to poor geological conditions, low cultural level, weak years, lack of technology, lack of start-up capital, etc., the overall situation is relatively difficult and poor. Life, water and medical conditions are the most intractable problems in xihe village.