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The head of the Japanese association of Shanxi Province will meet with me.

Editor:晋中外侨办         2018-03-21 13:42:15

On the morning of March 12, xu min, President of the association of shanxi, Japan, and President of the general chamber of commerce in Japan, met with me. The deputy director of liang shujuan held an exchange of views with President xu.

Shu-juan liang this paper summarized the situation of economic and social development in shanxi, shanxi association hope Japan, Japan chamber of commerce in shanxi as the holding unit is in daily contact, further condenses a woeful from shanxi power of overseas Chinese, as Japan and shanxi in areas such as economy, culture, education cooperation and exchange to make new contributions. President xu min introduced the establishment and development of the association of shanxi, shanxi and the general chamber of commerce of Japan, and put forward Suggestions and opinions on the cultural exchange between our province and saitama prefecture.

The association was established in May 1995, with more than 400 members. It is composed of Chinese, Chinese, overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese. Founded in July 2005, the shanxi general chamber of commerce in Japan is composed of Chinese businessmen from shanxi and Japanese folk and entrepreneurs who have friendly exchanges with shanxi. In June 2017, xu min will take over as chairman of the association of shanxi and shanxi general chamber of commerce in Japan.