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The provincial overseas Chinese leaders visited the retired comrades on the eve of the Spring Festival.

Editor:晋中外侨办         2018-03-21 13:48:11

On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2018, the leaders of the foreign affairs office of the provincial foreign affairs office visited 12 retired old comrades in taiyuan.

Party secretary, director of the Wu Shaozhong and wen-jie hao, deputy director of the party member, province, deputy director of the association vice-chairman JinYunYan visited the inspector Tian Xizhao and retire the cadre Zhu Youlong two old comrades. The director of wu shaozhong expressed his gratitude to the old comrades for continuing to care for the cause of overseas Chinese affairs after their retirement, and hoped that they would continue to care about the development of overseas Chinese affairs in our province. He listened carefully to the old comrades' opinions and Suggestions, and urged the old comrades to pay attention to their bodies and treat life with optimism. He asked the retired staff members to strengthen communication with the old comrades and find ways to solve practical problems for them, and effectively put the policies of caring for retired comrades into practice.

Zhang Yuanhao do each visiting other retired veteran comrades, such as send to the organization's care, wish for the retired veteran comrades longevity and health, retirement, wish them a happy Spring Festival, a happy family! (written by li su-ling of the retired staff office)