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The Provincial Foreign Affairs Office to carry out recreational activities to celebrate the Lantern Festival

Editor:晋中外侨办         2018-03-21 13:53:14

For all rich cultural life, enhance the cohesive affinity of the cadres and workers, showing holding cadres and workers, and create a festive and auspicious festive mood, on the arrival of the Lantern Festival in 2018 the provincial foreign affairs office organ trade unions do all cadres and workers and retirees to "celebrate the Lantern Festival, sail weiye" as the theme of recreational activities.

On the afternoon of March 2nd, the game of guessing game and chess and card competitions was held. The atmosphere of the event was lively and the festive atmosphere was everywhere. The guessing game is an active participant in the game. This activity enriched the life of all the cadres and staff members, enhanced the emotional communication, and was praised by all the cadres, especially the retired old comrades.