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Jin zhong fully built a new mode of tourism industry.

Editor:晋中外侨办         2018-05-15 13:32:17

March, vientiane update. On March 20th, a symposium on tourism in jinzhong city was held in the city of yijing international hotel. This is an important meeting during the key period of the whole region tourism demonstration zone in jinzhong city.

"In 2017, jinzhong city seriously implement the national, provincial all policy decisions about tourism development, vigorously implement the strategy of" powerful tourist city ", for the city's power to promote national level demonstration zones of global tourism, tourism quality efficiency, continue to the good development momentum, "global tourism ShiFan" create significant results were obtained. In 2017, jinzhong city received 79.52 million tourists from home and abroad, a year-on-year increase of 25%, and the total tourism revenue reached 82.3 billion yuan, up 25.6% year on year. Jinzhong city tourism development committee relevant controller introduces, since 2017, the jinzhong city tourism development adhere to the "global lead, integration development, project construction, marketing, international standards" five big idea, is speeding up to develop tourism into a strategic pillar industry of high.

This symposium comprehensively summarized the tourism work of the whole city in 2017, analyzed the current tourism development situation of jinzhong city, and made arrangements for the tourism work of the city in 2018. At the meeting, the head of the tourism department of each county, (city and district), based on the actual county area, discussed the tourism work situation, existing problems and the next development thoughts of the county (district). The director of the municipal tourism commission arranged the recent work.

Jinzhong city tourism work symposium in this year, made a perfect tourism infrastructure, improve the public service, rich forms of tourism, the tourism industry to speed up the convergence, marketing innovation, establish brand image, build a management platform, constructing the wisdom, the implementation of tourism poverty alleviation, boost rural revitalization of 10 aspects, such as deployment, the careful design, the path is clear, fully lit the attendees inner passion.